Psychiatric Services, On-Demand

A full suite of mental health services as easy as a push button away

With 24/7 access, BHA’s licensed, trained, experienced and accredited practitioners are always on call. 

Help that meets you right where you are

Each member of the BHA team is trained to look out for your specific needs, with an eye towards providing the following services:

1-on-1 licensed counselor sessions;

Psych follow-up;

Medication management visits;

Prevention support;

Medical evaluations and follow-ups;

Referrals to higher levels of care as needed

Psych evaluations;

Choosing the hybrid option

Most telehealth offering psychiatric services are not tied to a network of in person clinics, confining your options for care. With BHA, you don’t have to choose.

In addition to the phone, text and video telehealth options, BHA maintains a network of in-person clinics to ensure continuity.  BHA is proud to offer:

   24/7 accessibility;

    Fully licensed and accredited medical professionals;

    Individualized case management;

    Referrals to higher levels of care as needed.

    Spravato assessment and treatment

    Patient Care Coordination for appointments and medication refills

   Medication Management

   Laboratory Services

   Virtual Appointments

   Medication Assisted Treatment

Take back your mental wellness

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