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Having psychiatric services on demand allows individuals access to professional mental health support quickly and conveniently. Whether in the comfort of their own homes or through an office visit, our goal is to make care easily available to those with busy schedules, mobility challenges or difficulty traveling to appointments. 

What makes BHA different?

Mental health emergencies don’t wait for you to be ready.  By embracing the BHA solution through an office or virtual visit. BHA expands access to right-size care at the moment you need it. Our Patient Care Coordinator can communicate via text or phone call providing on-demand virtual support (including re-filling medications) to our clients through:

         24/7 accessibility;

         Fully licensed and accredited medical professionals;

         Individualized case management;

         Referrals to higher levels of care as needed.

          Spravato assessment and treatment

          Patient Care Coordination for appointments and medication refills

          Medication Management

          Laboratory Services

          Virtual Appointments

          Medication Assisted Treatments

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